Phacilitate Leaders World & World Stem Cell Summit

Date: January 21 - 24, 2020
 Location:  Hyatt Regency Miami
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Connecting the world of advanced therapies since 2004

Welcome to Phacilitate Leaders World & World Stem Cell Summit 2020! This event will bring together the entire ecosystem of the advanced therapies industry from all corners of the globe. At Phacilitate, we believe that through strong partnerships and collaboration, anything can be achieved. This award-winning event is the biggest and most influential global meeting for advanced therapies. Here you will meet more biotech decision makers in four days than you can in four months. 

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Join the Advanced Therapies Revolution with Phacilitate!
A dramatic but nonetheless true statement from Bernard Siegel, Founder of the World Stem Cell Summit. The advanced therapies revolution is upon us and, we believe, it is going to change the standard of healthcare. This isn't just rhetoric, at Phacilitate Leaders World 2019 there were more patient advocates, caregivers and healthcare practitioners than ever before. Lives are being changed by these therapies and now it's time for the advanced therapies industry to meet, collaborate with and learn from patients, payers and healthcare professionals to ensure the potential of these therapies is realized.