The Future of Medicine Day launches as part of Advanced Therapies Week

The Future of Medicine Day launches as part of Advanced Therapies Week
London, UK (Nov, 27, 2019) - Get ready for the Future of Medicine Day 2020

Imagine a world of possibility where medicine can be personalized based on genes, tissues or cells. Discover this cutting-edge science, known as advanced therapies, on Monday, January 20 during the 'Future of Medicine Day' at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science.

The Future of Medicine Day has been created by Phacilitate to allow the general public to participate in interactive, family-friendly activities and special programming that explore the current and future trends of healthcare, including live presentations and art showcases.

Dr Angela Colbert, Knight Vice President Education at the Frost Science Museum, explained “Education is a key component to advancing science. The public’s perception of science and the evolution of medicine are key to its future success. In general, people are always hesitant of things they don’t know about or fully understand; it’s completely natural. However, educational events that provide the public with the chance to understand the science behind treatments and how cool and awe-inspiring new advancements in medical technology are can shift that perception to one that is much more positive”. You can see a full interview with Angela here.

In addition to raising public awareness of these life changing therapies and supporting innovation in the advanced therapies industry, Phacilitate hopes that a partnership with the Frost Science Museum will open new doors for the public.

Commenting on the partnership, Sarah Rosenberg, Marketing Manager at Phacilitate, stated “If we can inspire just a handful of families and young adults to talk to others about what they have learned, to consider further education or a career in science or to speak with some of our partners on the day about volunteering opportunities and community activities, then we have made a real impact”.

Tickets will be available at from early December. The Future of Medicine Day programming is free with paid museum admission and special programming will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.