Advanced Therapies 101 for Nursing Professionals


 January 22 - 23, 2020
Location: Hyatt Regency Miami
(Free for registered nurses, conference registration required)
Clinical adoption of cell-based therapies requires the development of competency and confidence within a multidisciplinary clinical team.  The various members may not see beyond their part in the larger process.  How can we develop knowledge, attitudes, and awareness of the clinical ecosystem surrounding cell-based therapies to improve uptake and delivery?

Nursing and allied health care professional-centric program as part of Advanced Therapy Week 2020 in the form of a two-day session designed by nurses and clinical teams to explore the barriers and opportunities for increasing confidence and competency in the clinical ecosystem of cell-based therapies.  Outcomes will include increased awareness; improved understanding; and greater knowledge about the care pathways, patient navigation, and patient education, to promote a platform for expanded adoption. This offering will not be restricted to nursing professionals and it will focus on developing multi-disciplinary relationships across the continuum of care.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the ecosystem needed to deliver advanced therapies
  • Understand the factors that facilitate and hamper successful adoption
  • Describe patient education and teaching approaches to improve understanding
  • Describe possible adverse events, symptom management, early detection strategies, and rehab/aftercare
  • Reflect on patient stories, personal learning, and professional experiences with advanced therapies
  • Adapt opportunities for professional development including resiliency, team dynamics, leadership opportunities, and continuous improvement
  • Describe patient, parent, and family experiences

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Day 1
Opening Remarks (30 mins)

Session 1 (60 mins): The Ecosystem of Care
Introduction to advanced therapies from the nursing perspective including how cell-based therapies are different from other treatments; general considerations; and facilitators and barriers experienced when delivering advanced therapies.
Session 2 (60 mins):  Skills for the nursing professional building
Navigating the treatment plan from a clinical team perspective and how to detect possible adverse events, symptom management, and early detection strategies.  How to describe advanced therapies to patients and their caregivers.
Panel (30 mins)
Round Table discussion
  • Semi-structured questions about advanced therapies (30 mins)
  1. success stories
  2. shared experiences
  3. leadership challenges
  4. professional development
  •    Report out by table for priority areas (60 mins)
Day 2
Re-Cap of Day 1: (30 mins)
Session 3 (60 mins):  The patient perspective
How patients describe advanced therapies and what are the needs of patients and their families beyond what happens in the hospital.
Round Table discussion
  • Semi-structured questions about advanced therapies (30 mins)
  1. patient success stories
  2. patient access challenges
  3. how to improve patient awareness
  • Report out by table for priority areas (60 mins)
Closing (30 mins)
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